About Our Images

Click an image for a LARGER view...  Click again for a GIANT view!

Many of the images on our Gallery's pages are clickable, as indicated by a gold border around the image.

When Left-clicked, a LARGER view of the image will open.

IF your cursor then turns into a magnifying glass with a plus in it, you can click on the LARGER (fit-to-window) view and it will grow to its FULL SIZE.

NOTE:  The point on the LARGER view where you click your mouse will be at or near the center of the browser window when the FULL SIZE image appears.

Click anywhere on the FULL SIZE image to return to the previous (fit-to-window) view.

To save an image to your computer, Right-click the image and select "Save Image As..." or "Save Picture As..." (depends on your browser) and choose a destination folder.